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Los Angeles, 2041

Derma ads have replaced tattoos; the Nike Swoosh is projected onto the full moon, and digital sponsor logos run along the side of every police sedan. But the city is under siege from a gang war which has flooded the streets with green ice, a drug more powerful and deadly than fentanyl. And there's a new plague. A virulent new strain of Alzheimer's, dubbed Alz-X, is spreading like wildfire. And unlike Covid-19, it attacks teens, not the old. No one knows why. 

Enter Eddie Piedmont, the youngest Homicide Special detective in LAPD history, who has a lot to prove. Growing up with an abusive green ice junkie for a father, Eddie is determined to show he is nothing like his old man who was kicked off the force years ago. When Eddie investigates the suspicious overdose of a stripper, he's drawn into the nefarious world of cutting-edge reproductive technology, only to discover terrible secrets that pull him much closer to the murderer than he could ever have imagined. 

Part noir science-fiction, part twisted new-take on Greek myth, GENESYS X is a page-turning police procedural featuring a haunted and unforgettable detective. 

Officially out 11/10/2020.. Available  for order now at Fairwood Press, Amazon, B&N and an Independent Bookstore near you. 


Genesys X (Eddie Piedmont Novel): Graf, B J: 9781933846972: Books

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Re: Deus ex Machina in Mystery Most Theatrical 


Los Angeles 2041

Detective Eddie Piedmont is off the clock and on a date with his new girlfriend Jo. She's dragged him to an interactive performance of Euripides' s Medea at the Getty Malibu Theatre. 

But when an accident on stage kills the actor playing Jason, Eddie's back on the case.  


Available at Wildside Press. 



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Obsession and revenge in the city of angels erupts into tales of the fatally haunted. 

In Blood Shadows a sociopath is haunted by  the mistake he made at his latest crime scene, but that's only the beginning.


As Detective Eddie Piedmont would say, "homicide rips a hole in the fabric of society."  Join Eddie's former partner Frank in this dark and twisty tale. 

Shikata ga Nai - the first Eddie Piedmont story. 



Good stories start with characters crossing borders and finding themselves in worlds filled with hurt, harm, and danger. 

RE: my story Sandman in CROSSING BORDERS: 

They say you should never meet your heroes. But when you’re a cop, it isn’t always your call. Detectives Eddie Piedmont and Shin Miyaguchi work Homicide Special, a select unit in the LAPD that handles only the most complex, brutal and high-profile murders. When they get the call about the body on the beach that morning in 2041, they knew it was bad. But when the body is Hollywood’s biggest action star, bad is just the starting gate.

Available at Down & Out Books. 

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